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The Commercial Real Estate Marketing & Sales Process


  • Property Valuation

  • Effective Marketing & Sales Strategies

  • Negotiation Expertise

  • Sales Process Management

  • Minimizing Risks

  • Maximizing Returns   

  • Successfully Close

Commercial Real Estate Is Complex

There are 7 basic sectors of commercial real estate and over 70 sub-sectors.  Each property type has different considerations and requirements and it is important to work with a team whose members have the training, track record of success, experience and tools to work with commercial real estate. 


Preparation and Planning Lead to Successful Outcomes

Our goal is to advise you on the best marketing strategies and also minimize your transaction risk.  The first step and most important is evaluating your property and to ensure it is valued to maximize your return while still being attractive to the buyers we will be actively targeting.      

Property Valuation and Analysis

Commercial Real Estate is Valued Using Three Approaches:


  1. Comparable sales approach 

  2. Replacement cost approach

  3. The Capitalized income approach


Each of these factors is important and generally the standard that commercial appraisers, lenders and investors use to evaluate a commercial property. 


Research, Networking and Access to Commercial Inventory

Research and access to commercial real estate inventory is vital to evaluate commercial property value and to analyze data and trends in the market.   It requires professional grade tools and data.

Value Add Strategies

Once an initial evaluation is done and reviewed by you, we will discuss "value-add" strategies to maximize value and reduce  time on market for your property .  Depending on the situation, we have been able to successfully advise our clients on key factors that improve a property's chance of selling at a favorable price.

Your Property's Marketing Package


​Presenting details and all the positive benefits of a property is vital to marketing success.  We make sure the important details of your property and market are presented .

Marketing Package for CRE

The Marketing Process

Our marketing strategy is a well thought out and customized plan for each commercial property we represent.   Our process is designed to focus on a select group of targeted buyers but also to get the property maximum exposure on a global, regional and local level.   

Your property will be placed on the major premium commercial real estate marketing sites and linked to a network of over 5 million buyers and investors.  It will also be exposed to our proprietary data base of well qualified investors.   At times our clients do not wish property sales to be made public and we are in active contact with buyers who are looking for off market properties.  

Execution and follow up is key to sell commercial real estate.    Contact us for details and a sample marketing plan .

commercal real esate marketig process


Managing The Commercial Real Estate Sales Process

Commercial Real Estate sales can be complex with many twists and turns in the process.  We have legal council and many resources to use to help our clients.  Experience is a big factor and you should only work with professionals who have the training, experience and tools to represent you.

commercial real estate sales process

Transaction Issues

Many issues can and do regularly come up in a typical commercial real estate transaction,  if you are working with an inexperienced agent and things get tough that is when you can get into serious trouble.   


Here are a few of the many examples of issues that may arise:

  • Commercial contractual issues not anticipated

  • Zoning issues

  • Commercial property valuation

  • Financial statement review

  • Lease evaluation

  • Negotiating key deal points and  terms

  • Working with legal and tax advisers

  • Factors that affect a commercial property's use and value

  • Permitted use issues

  • Square footage and lot size issues

  • Boundary and easement issues

  • Title exceptions

  • Contract disputes


We have seen and helped solve many problems that arise,  experience counts when you need help with a complex situation.

  Contact us for a free evaluation of your property or with any questions you may have.

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